What Are the Implications of Not Having Homeowners Insurance and Then Contracting a Policy After 2 Years of Not Being Insured?

March 24, 2023

The implications of not having homeowners insurance for two years and then contracting a policy can vary depending on the insurance provider, policy terms, and the reason for not having coverage for that period.

In general, insurance providers may view a gap in coverage as a higher risk, and as a result, the policyholder may face higher premiums, more limited coverage, or even difficulty in finding coverage. Insurance companies generally view continuous coverage as a sign of responsibility and lower risk, so a gap in coverage can make it harder to obtain the best rates or even find coverage with some providers.

Additionally, if there was a claim during the period without coverage, the policyholder would be responsible for any losses out of their pocket.

However, if the policyholder has not had any claims during the two-year period, they may still be able to obtain coverage without too many consequences, though it could still result in higher premiums or more limited coverage.

It's always best to maintain continuous insurance coverage to ensure protection against any unexpected losses or damages to your property.

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